Affordable & Reliable Water for the 21st Century.

My name is Karen Hull. I am a Placer County farmer, retired UC Davis executive, and Nevada Irrigation District (NID) candidate in the upcoming November election.


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 A message from Karen

When I think about critical issues facing Nevada and Placer counties, WATER is one of the most important that comes to my mind—specifically our access to water and its quality, cost and sustainability over time.
For many of us, NID is the service provider for treated and raw water that we rely on to serve our homes, irrigate our properties, and provide water for our animals and crops. I will work with the Board and NID leadership to ensure that we are building a healthy organization grounded in fiscal responsibility and accountability to rate payers. I am excited about the opportunity to serve our community and will bring fresh perspectives, business expertise, transparency and a commitment to listening to your views.

The Importance of Our Agriculture Connection

The farms and ranches of Nevada and Placer counties are critical to our region.  Families working this land grow our food and serve as stewards of the beautiful rural environment we all treasure.  Our farmers provide meaningful jobs, maintain beautiful open space, support wildlife and biodiversity, and increase our ability to manage natural disasters like fires and floods.   Farmland allows us all to make a deep connection to the land.

As a farmer myself, I appreciate the economics of farming and the delicate balance that exists in having a viable operation.  Affordable and reliable water is the first and foremost issue for success as a farmer or rancher.   And we rely on NID as our key partner in this.  As a board member, I will work with the agricultural community to ensure that the interests of farmers and ranchers are well understood and that our priorities and actions in NID support our strong and vibrant agricultural community now and for future generations.

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