I bring 25 years of professional experience and over a decade of experience as an entrepreneur to the Nevada Irrigation District (NID) Division III.

I am a fourth generation California native who grew in Sacramento.  I earned an MBA from Sac State and worked for 12 years as a UC Davis associate vice chancellor where I managed a $33 million budget and 175 employees. I oversaw UC Davis Human Resources, a highly complex program for 16,000 employees. I also led large-scale organizational change and business improvement projects across the campus, saving money and increasing efficiency.

My work at UC Davis gave me significant experience working in a large, complex organization and provided me with a solid grounding in financial management, strategic planning, collaborative problem solving and a host of other skills that serve me well on the NID Board of Directors.

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Before retiring, I started my flower farm in Placer County.  I knew I wanted to stay active in retirement and loved the idea of growing and selling flowers locally.  As a small farmer, I appreciate the importance of agriculture in our region as it is part of the fabric of our community that makes it so special. While I bring the joy of flowers to others, vegetable farmers and ranchers are putting fresh, wholesome food on our tables. Being a successful farmer or rancher requires hard work, commitment and energy. It is truly a labor of love that brings tremendous strength to our community. Our success as farmers and ranchers requires water that is provided in a cost effective, reliable manner.

While NID has serious challenges facing the organization, it also has many strengths.  As an NID board member, I collaborate to build upon these strengths while also addressing weaknesses so that we are better positioned for success in years to come.  (Read the Issues section of our website for details.) I’m determined to make a difference in my community and help manage our precious resource of water in a fiscally responsible way.

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“I will work with the Board and NID leadership to ensure that we are building a healthy organization grounded in fiscal responsibility and accountability to rate payers.”

“I am excited about serving our community and bringing fresh perspectives, business expertise, transparency and a commitment to listening to your views.”