Supporting our common interests in affordable & reliable water for the 21st century. 

 Karen Hull has a clear vision for her Board role in NID and this includes:

Managing Finances Responsibly

    • Operate NID with a balanced budget
    • Build adequate financial reserves so that timely investments are made in NID’s aging infrastructure
    • Modernize operations and reduce waste
    • Fully evaluate the costs and benefits of projects.  Work to find viable lowest cost solutions

Strengthening Water Management 

      • Develop a multi-year plan to fund and address deferred maintenance within the District
      • Partner with regional water agencies to identify and implement best practices in water management
      • Identify actionable strategies to reduce waste and water loss
      • Work with local cities and counties in land use planning to ensure NID water resources are not over committed
      • Encourage water conservation measures
      • Invest in mitigation measures to protect canal infrastructure that is vulnerable to wildfires

Improving Forest Health and NID Watershed Management

      • Partner with federal, state and regional water agencies to identify and implement best practices in watershed management
      • Work with local agencies to manage our watershed forests for fire protection, erosion control and water quality

Building Public Trust

      • Engage in dialog that results in a shared understanding among stakeholders
      • Communicate key issues and obstacles in an open and comprehensive manner
      • Consider the full range of options when making strategic decisions
      • Respect the viewpoints of all stakeholders
Karen’s Commitment

The NID Board requires considerable knowledge in a wide range of business and technical areas. Karen is committed to:

      • Listening to the voice of NID customers about their concerns, ideas and hopes for the future of our water management
      • Learning about current water issues by attending conferences, reading and researching, and meeting with regional water authorities
      • Growing her understanding of the NID organization



Additionally, Karen will

      • Share information that is critical for rate payers and community members to know
      • Engage the community in important conversations about our regional water management and other NID issues
      • Respect diverse viewpoints and working to find common ground that unites our community
      • Collaborate with the community, regional water agencies, and state and federal departments that impact and/or support our NID operation
      • Manage a fiscally responsible budget and sustainable operation that serves Nevada and Placer Counties well into the future

“I will represent the best interests of Placer & Nevada Counties.”

Karen has a beautiful brochure that gives more information about her plans, as well as her experience, education, and enthusiasm! This brochure was developed when Karen was campaigning for the office she now holds. It clearly expresses her plans and values.