I support Karen for NID Board Division 3 in the 2020 election. Karen’s interest to serve her community combined with her business and interpersonal skills would go far in making her a competent, caring, NID Board member. Nancy Weber, Educator and 20 year NID Board Director

I am the former Assistant General Manager of Nevada Irrigation District.  The District needs new leadership to guide it back to sound fiscal policies. I am supporting Karen Hull for Division 3 Director. She has a strong background in fiscal management, leadership, and most importantly, she has integrity. We need Karen to help re-build NID. Tim Crough, JD, PE, Retired NID Assistant General Manager

We endorse Karen Hull for the NID Division III Board because of her financial, budgeting, leadership, and administrative background with UC Davis. In addition to these skills, Karen is a farmer that uses raw NID water to irrigate her crops. We operate a beef and dairy cattle operation in Grass Valley with over 350 acres of irrigated pasture. Having reasonably priced raw water is critical to our operation and the yearly rate increases for raw water continues to put a financial strain on our business. Water storage in critical for future generations of users but perhaps new blood on the Board would make pricing raw water based on cost of delivery a priority. We believe it is time for a change on the NID board and Karen Hull is that candidate. Mike & Leslie Blagg Grass Valley, CA

I am endorsing Karen Hull to represent NID Division III. There are some issues that must be addressed concerning the future of our water district and I believe that Ms. Hull has progressive ideas to lead us forward. I retired from NID in 2011 after 14 years where I was supervisor of the electrical dept. and President of the NID chapter of AFSCME, local 146.  Bruce Lovejoy, Retired NID Electrical Department Supervisor

I ran for the District III board position 12 years ago and became involved in all things NID. There were substantial financial issues then and they have only worsened under the current incumbents administration. The incumbent is also pushing for the building of Centennial Dam without complete and adequate documentation of it’s worth and at this time there may not be the financing available to even complete the project. There are other substantial financial and infrastructure issues that have not been addressed during the incumbents term in office that need immediate attention. It is time to hit the reset button. I am endorsing Karen Hull as I believe she has the critical expertise in financing, management and agriculture to be a positive force as Nevada Irrigation District III Director. Michael Straight, Past President Nevada County Association of Realtors

During her tenure at UC Davis, Karen worked on a variety of very difficult organizational challenges involving campus operations and departmental finance. She consistently identified ways to creatively resolve long-standing issues while encouraging support for new ways of doing business. Karen was our “Go To” problem-solver throughout her campus career and her many leadership assignments. She demonstrated strengths in business analysis, organizational change management, and team-building. Karen had a highly positive impact on UC Davis and would be a significant asset in bringing her passion for excellence and her many skill-sets to the Nevada Irrigation District Board. Stan Nosek, Retired Vice Chancellor, UC Davis

Karen has exceptional business management, leadership, planning and change management skills. She has a keen ability to identify strategic issues and organizational weaknesses, and facilitate positive cross-organizational dialog to resolve. She was pivotal in helping my division address long-standing and complex organizational challenges. I highly recommend Karen for the Nevada Irrigation District Board of Directors. Susan Catron, Dean, UC Davis

We have had the extreme pleasure of knowing Karen Hull as a friend and neighbor for almost 20 years. She is not only a delightful person – but she is extremely qualified, and we know she would do a GREAT job “fixing” the problems with NID. Karen worked at U.C. Davis for over 25 years and has had many, many “success stories” dealing with both management and financial challenges. She exhibits honesty, intelligence and plain common sense, along with a display of boundless energy! She CARES about her community and she WANTS to help. We endorse her and support her 100%! Kathie & Daryl Wise

As a past locally elected official, I know how civic boards should operate fiscally and how members should personally behave.  Karen will bring good leadership to replace a disruptive, divisive and totally irresponsible incumbent who has voted the NID into pending multiple disasters. William Wauters, Auburn

The 2 forums I listened to confirmed my support of Karen Hull, especially as it relates to rate increases. As 30+ year residents of Rough & Ready, we are very tired of the continual recent rate increases. Karen is committed to try to mitigate these increases and look for areas of savings and intelligent spending, whereas her opponent did not seem concerned with this issue.
Karen Hull worked for 12 years at UC Davis where she managed a $33 million budget and 175 employees. Nancy Weber, former NID Director, and a woman I greatly respect, is endorsing Karen Hull. Alice Williams-Root R.N., B.S.N.

Based on Karen’s background, work experiences and her ideas for the future, I believe she will serve our community well and lead the district to being more fiscally responsible. John Boykin, Director, Higgins Fire District

Our engineering firm engaged Karen Hull mid-way during our past forty years in business. We needed help; our business margins had decreased substantially and we could not identify the cause. Karen not only reorganized our chart of accounts, creating a clear picture to track expenditures, but also identified cost saving opportunities. When Karen recognized our firm’s adverse financial condition, on her own, she offered to cut her fees and finish the job.  Karen is uniquely suited for the NID Board position, not only for her fiscal experience, but for her unfettered commitment to get a challenging issue at hand done. Vince D’Alo, Vice President, Aliquot Assoc. Inc.

We have been very impressed with Karen’s understanding of NID’s growing financial problems, including several years of spending exceeding revenues, depleted reserves, and deferred maintenance of critical infrastructure… Karen’s management expertise and her experience running an agricultural business will make her an excellent addition to the NID Board of Directors. We are pleased to support Karen Hull, for the Nevada Irrigation District III Board of Directors. Gary & Jan Zimmerman of Nevada City

Karen is the best person for this job. She is the proprietor of a flower farm in our community. She is familiar with our community’s water needs. Mary Helen Fein

The days of unlimited spending at NID need to end. We know this will happen if Karen Hull is elected. Karen has our vote. Kent and June Pearce

I wholeheartedly support Karen Hull for NID division 3. She has the experience, clarity and temperament to lead NID toward economic stability, a healthy infrastructure and community collaboration. Itara O’Connell

The more I learn about the financial and organizational issues facing NID, the more I realize we need Karen’s expertise as the representative from our division. Margaret Joehnck

NID has been spending more money than it has, drawing down reserves while its infrastructure isn’t getting any younger. I believe Karen will address both of these issues. Ethan Winston

I would like to recommend Karen Hull for the position she is seeking with Nevada Irrigation District. I have known Karen for over 10 years. She is a neighbor and acting chair person/treasurer for our ranch community. Karen is wise and levelheaded. When our community has met in the past to discuss a problem or make important decisions on maintenance, she consistently offers solutions based on intellect and common sense rather than emotion. She leads our meetings professionally and gracefully, even in the face of conflict. She is a faithful manager of our community’s financial affairs. As a current NID customer, I believe Karen would be a great asset to help resolve the present and future challenges of the company. Please consider Karen Hull. Jenny Flanagan, Rancher and Educator

Based upon the financial issues I see with NID, I believe Karen is the board member we need. She has great business sense, strong analytical skills and cares deeply about our community. She’s the one who will help bring about positive change in NID. Cynthia Clarkson

After watching and listening to the scheduled debate of those running for Nevada Irrigation District board membership, it was clear that Karen Hull has what it takes to represent the diverse needs of those in the district and to get the important jobs done. Her vast professional experience in handling very large, sustainable projects is absolutely necessary in this position. She personally straddles the line, understanding both standard water consumers’ and farmers’ water needs and challenges. She also possesses the skills necessary to consider the broader outcomes and impacts of important decisions. A more far-sighted vision, if you will. Her historic success in previous leadership roles makes me confident she is the right person to be elected into this highly visible, very important position. Please stand with me and vote for Karen Hull for NID district III board member. Claudia Adams

I endorse Karen Hull for Nevada Irrigation District Director Division 3 for 2020. Karen’s strong financial background is what is needed for the NID to get their financial house in order. Paul Primmer 

Karen has the experience managing complex operations. She will provide better fiscal management of our outdated infrastructure, and ensure responsible financial management. This is a critical time for water management in California and specifically NID. I am supporting Karen Hull for NID board director of Division III. Diane Felt

I have worked with Karen over the past several years and can attest to her professionalism, common sense and efficiency. She would be an asset to the NID Board and I believe if we don’t have someone like this on the Board, we are going to find ourselves in financial distress that we will have to “bail out.” Clifford Zachman

I am proud to endorse Karen. She is very capable and will do a great job in this office. Dory Childress

Karen combines savvy management and financial abilities with experience as an NID agricultural business customer. NID needs her talents. Bob Branstrom

I fully support Karen Hull and her run for NiD Division III. I have known Karen for years and as a Contractor and 46 year resident in Nevada County I know she understands the importance an accessible and affordable water supply for the building industry. In addition as a farmer herself I know she will work with the consumers interests at heart. Brad Miller , Nevada County Local

I have had the pleasure of living next door to Karen for several years and have witnessed her success as a farmer and a steward of our resources. I am confident that her business and financial skills, combined with her appreciation for a healthy water system, will make her an asset to the NID Board. Sallysue Stein 

Additional Endorsers Include:

    • Dr. Sam Johnson
    • Kathie English
    • Harvey Michael Ross
    • Barbara L. Wilbur
    • Dianna Suarez
    • Jeree Waller
    • Cecily Dewing
    • Gay Bingaman
    • Joan Denzler
    • Dorothy DuLany
    • Alison Sweetser
    • William Checkvala
    • Russell Lewis
    • Joyce Lewis
    • Susan Lewin
    • Soliel Thornton
    • Ruth Lee Zasloff
    • Michael Kimmes
    • Marie Kimmes
    • Dolly Little Graydon
    • Richard Graydon
    • Damon Grier
    • Rita Rich
    • Linda S Allen
    • Barry Forman
    • Phil Green
    • Lyndon Laird
    • Tim Brennan
    • Patrick Garcia
    • Mike Bissell
    • Kathleen Wilson
    • Carol Thornton
    • Shanti Emerson
    • Kate Brennan
    • Brian Wargala
    • Steven DuPratt
    • Frank Mona
    • Sue Richmond
    • Antonio Ciafardoni
    • Christine Wentker
    • Jaymae Wentker
    • Diane Bacon
    • Lew Boxer
    • Patti Abbott
    • Bob Krogman
    • Julie Keith
    • Muriel Lynn
    • Mark Risso
    • Pamela Suszko
    • Charles Suszko
    • Mary Roschack
    • Paul Primmer
    • Cynthia Clarkson
    • Jenny Flanagan
    • Diane Felt